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since our last zoom

Much has happened to the young artists since they last exhibited in Zoom 2016. Here are some news: 


Carmel Michaeli

Toured China and performed in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu commissioned by artist Tianzhou Chen in the end of 2016.

Participated on the main stages of the IndiCity Festival Jerusalem 2017, International Exposter Festival 2016, Indenegev Festival 2017

I created a performance commissioned and premiered at Steirischer Herbst Festival 2017 Graz Austria. 

I performed 3 times during 2018 at Acud Club Berlin. 

I have released 2 mini albums and created 3 music videos.

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 Ella Spector



More than a rock’ , group show, P8 gallery,

Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Sharon Toval


Black Box’ group show/streets event, Jerusalem, IL. Curators/producers: Izak Mizrachi, Assaf Cohen


Fabrica de Arte Cubano’, group show, Havana, CU.


Fresh Paint 8’ Art fair, Tel Aviv, IL


Zoom 2016- Israeli Young Artists, Anna Ticho House, Jerusalem, IL. 

Curators: Ghila Limon, Tal Bechler

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Yaniv Amar

Foreign citizenship \ 2017 \ Yaniv Amar & Limor Tamir


Site- Specific Mix Media Installation. Hamaayan 18 Ramat- Gan, Arlozorov Train Station Ramat- Gan / Tel- Aviv. 


The exhibition covers an area of 1500 square meter, between four different buildings from different times in history. The exhibition took the first place in the "awake" competition of the Planning Director and the Ministry of Finance. 

Curator: Yaniv Amar 

Artist participate: Limor Tamir, Hadar Azarya, Amnon Ben- Shalom, Maayan Kra'im & Yaniv Amar.


After the war \ 2018 \ "Art Space" Gallery- Tel Aviv Jaffa \ curator: Nir Harmat.


Readymade, sculpture, Mix media, various dimensions.


The work body is made up of 400 different items, lacking function, war tools, genderless tools, new functional tools that were all born out of the post-war needs.

After the war we take what we find, and try to build a new culture, Functional culture, made for basic needs such as: kill, eat, adorn. 


Entryway \ 2018 \ Manofim Festival Jerusalem.


Site-specific installation, mixed media

Various dimensions


The installation simulates an entrance hall, a passageway, a sensory gateway, with signifiers creating a living weave of pulsating memory.  Facing stones from neighboring courtyards, symbols copied from exhibits in the museum, or from decorations on Arab architecture in Israel, drinking glasses from Morocco and Jordan, castings made in the studio yard, local flora and curbside finds were incorporated into the work which reflects the local culture of many-sided identity.

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Dor Zlekha Levy

Since his participation in 'Zoom 2016', Dor has held solo exhibitions at Braverman Gallery and in Tel Aviv Museum of Art and participated in group shows at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Kunsthalle Stavanger, The Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem and others. His videos have been screened at international venues such as ICA London (2018) and Kadist Foundation (2016, San Francisco and 2017, Paris). In 2017, Dor won The Young Artist award from the Israel Ministry of culture.


Halil Balabin

Solo Exhibitions

2018    Noun, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

2017    Amba, Inga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv


Group Exhibitions

2018    Israeli art permanent collection, Tel  Aviv Museum of Art

2018    Bad Intentions, curated by Avi Pitchon, Circle 1 Gallery, Berlin

2018    We Hereby Declare, Bat Yam Museum

2017    Untitled, Art Fair, Miami

2017    More Love Hours than Can Ever Be Repaid, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2017    Traces – The Biennale for Drawing in Israel, Jerusalem Print Workshop



2018    Dusseldorf Residency Program, Kunststiftung NRW, Carry and Dan Bronner Foundation, Goethe Institute, Dusseldorf, Germany  

2018    Atelier Shemi Residency, Kabri, Israel


Honors and Awards

2016    Young Artist Award, Israel Ministry of Culture

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Michael Liani


2017 – International Fine Art Photography Competition, PAC, Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris

2016 – Excellency scholarship from Bezalel academy of art and design, MFA.


One-Person Exhibitions

2018 - “Fantasia” Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Adi Goldner.



2018 - MOSCOW International Biennale for young art, national center for contemporary art, Moscow. Curator: Lucrezia Calabro  Visconti.

2016 - "EYE SPY"- THE NEW WIGHT BIENNIALE 2016, UCLA- department of art, LA. Curators: Sara Malik, Nasim Hantehzadeh.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018-  Pride at MUZA, "The Legacy Of LGBTQ Community",  ERETZ ISRAEL MUSEUM,  Tel Aviv. Curators: Liav Mizrahi. 

2018 - BUSTAN AL HUB, Michael Liani & Yuval Atzili, IDRIS gallery, Tel Aviv. Curators: Barak Rubin,Livia Tagliacozzo.

2018 - Malamegi Lab9, 12 selected artist, Venice. Curator: Margherita Jedrzejewska. 

2018 - Artrooms Roma, video room, Rome. Curator: Massimo Gianni. 

2017 - "AFULI'Z"- Local art festival. Afula, Israel. Curators: Oz Zloof. 

2017 - "Hineni"- Beit Kandinof. Jaffa, Israel. Curators: Galit Azogue, Arianna Fornaciai.

2017 - Fresh paint 9, video greenhouse, Tel Aviv, Israel. CCA curatorial team.

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Nirit Takele


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yaniv amar
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