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Following her six years of experience as a contemporary art curator at The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghila Limon created the Zoom project. The Zoom project is designed to provide a platform for young artists producing contemporary Israeli art to express their talent and to assist them in their professional development.

Tal Bechler joined the project after working for 5 years as a contemporary art curator at The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art.


The first Zoom exhibition took place in 2016 at Ticho House (Israel Museum, Jerusalem) and was curated by Tal Bechler, Ghila Limon and Timna Seligman. These days the second exhibition Zoom 2019, is shown  in Tel Aviv at the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History.



The Zoom team* visits end-of year shows in art schools throughout the country. The team reviews thousands of works and meets personally with  dozens of graduates. For Zoom 2019, works by 1000 artists were considered  and 84 personal interviews were held as part of the selection process.


*Ghila Limon and Tal Bechler


צלם - נועם וינד


photo: Noam Vind



From among the dozens of young graduates who hold meetings with the Zoom team, 35 young graduates are selected and helped in preparing professional presentations. These young graduates are subsequently invited to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, where they are introduced to the museum’s senior art curators and present their work to them.


Mira Lapidot, Chief Curator of Fine Arts, DR. Amitai Mendelsohn, Curator of the Department of Israeli Art, DR. Noam Gal, Curator of the Photography department, Aya Miron, Curator of Israeli Art, Ronit Sorek Curator of the Department of Prints and Drawings and Timna Seligman, Curator of Ticho House attended the young artist’s presentations, chatted with them and asked them questions.

The IMJ curators acted as an advisory forum to the Zoom team in choosing the participants of the Zoom 2019 exhibition.



From among the 35 artists who present their work to the IMJ curators and the Zoom team, 20-25 are selected to exhibit their work in the Zoom exhibition. They are selected on the basis of the excellency of their work. Their fields of interest, research topics and styles are extremely diverse. They work in different types of media. The Zoom exhibition does not focus on a specific topic or theme. It’s main goal is to put an emphasis in the artists themselves. As a consequence, the Zoom exhibitions present the diverse array of subjects which the artists are passionate about. Some of the artists present works reflecting interests that have occupied them from early on, while others choose to develop new works which are site specific.

photo: Shay Ben-Efraim


A distinguished panel of local and international art professionals, who is not involved in the process of selecting the artists for the Zoom exhibitions, is invited to meet the exhibition artists and choose from among them one artist who will be awarded the Zoom prize. The Zoom prize is designed to encourage a young Israeli artist who is just starting his/her artistic career. 

It is aimed at giving an initial help to a young artist who has earned an undergraduate or graduate degree in the years preceding the exhibition and who demonstrates talent, imagination, passion and whose work is thought-provoking and engaging.



photo: Noam Vind

zoom2019 judges

Ellen Ginton, former senior curator of Israeli Art at Tel Aviv Museum.

Emmanuelle de l’Ecotais, curator of photography at the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris (The City of Paris Museum of Modern Art) since 2001.

Jessica Castex, art curator working at the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris (The City of Paris Museum of Modern Art) where she often develops  projects relating to emerging


Hila Cohen-Schneiderman has been serving as chief curator of MoBY: Bat Yam Museums, Israel, since May 2018.

The Zoom 2019 prize consisted of

30,000 NIS and its recipient was

Maya Perry.

zoom2016 judges

Galia Bar Or- Former director of the Museum of Art, Ein Harod.

Martha Kirszenbaum- Founding Director and Curator, Farenheit,

Los Angeles and future  curator of the French pavilion in the

upcoming 58th Venice Biennale.

Dalia Levin- Former curator of the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

Leanne Sacramone- Curator at Fondation Cartier, Paris.


The Zoom 2016 prize consisted of

50,000 NIS and its recipient was

Dor Zlekha Levy.

צילום מסך 2018.10.31 ב.8.27.42.png
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